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Will there be group playing?

The short answer is YES. Please have your instruments ready for all masterclasses and song studies.  Due to obvious latency issues it’s not possible to jam together in the traditional sense, however you will be encouraged and expected to try all concepts introduced and play along with the instructor while muted.  

May we ask questions during the instruction? 

There will be an admin monitoring the chat for each session who will communicate your questions to the instructor;  The instructor will decide whether to answer them throughout or near the end. 

What's the difference between a masterclass and presentation? 

See our list of definitions under "Instruction" for further clarification 

What platform will we be using? 

All activities will be conducted via Zoom ( You will receive a dedicated link and password through the email which you use to register.  You do not need to download the app or register a Zoom account to watch the sessions, but you will need to if you want to participate in the chat and interact with the attendees/instructors. 


Please Visit Zoom’s Help Center for more information how to get set up with your system


What kind of computer equipment is required?  

To participate fully you will need a computer, laptop or tablet which has speakers, a microphone and a video camera. You may still audit all the sessions without a microphone or video camera, but it will be more fun and interactive if all students and instructors can see each other. 


Will everyone be able to hear me? 

Participants will be muted unless the instructor requests otherwise. So don’t be shy!  Play and sing as loud as you’d like! :) 


Are the “Workshop by Instruments” private lessons? 

No - These are small group sessions where a max of 15 people will receive instruction/feedback from one instructor for the duration of one hour. 

Is the camp suitable for all ages? 

Yes! Students are only expected to have a basic proficiency on their instrument, an interest in jazz and a willingness to try. 

What songs are being covered in the song studies? 

The repertoire is still being decided.  Please see “Instruction” for clarification of what will be covered in these sessions; there will be a mix of very obscure numbers to more common where we feel there is more to learn. 

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