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The New York Hot Jazz Camp is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Sponsor a Camper

You can make a profound impact by offering to become a sponsor. With your help we can offer scholarships to students who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend camp. Help promote the arts and the future of traditional jazz by making a tax-deductible donation.

2024 Sponsors 
Neal Siegal - Flying Musicians Association - John O'Shea 
David Sherman - Peter Hoekje - Hayato Gibbons - Marc Johnson
Tom Spain - Nancy Kays - Tom Parisi - Ben Guthrie  
Rich Markow - Dotty Westgate

2023 Sponsors
Neal Siegal - Rich Howard - Steve Jones  
Flying Musicians Association - John O'Shea

Initial 2016 Contributors


Tom Ames

James Ballentine

Chris Barry

John Bianchi 

Nicholas Brooks

James "Chaps" Caplik

Rich Capp

Doug Connah

Mary Crooks

Mary Cross

David Dilzell                              

Andy Dolph

Les Elkins

Dashiell Feiler

Donna & Chloe Feoranzo

James Langton's NY All-Star Big Band



Pete Grice

Ben Guthrie

Norman Hardy

Ed and Judy Hirsch

Ron Hutchinson

Al Kuehn & Don Greenfield

Mike Katz

John Landry

Susan Landsman

Jim Leitch

David Limburg

Angus Loten

Wendy Loten

Tom Lyons

Kate Manning

Rich Markow


Kevin McEvoy & Barbara Epstein

Connie McFarlane

Brian McFarlane & Courtney Clark

Bud Merrill

Wade Nelson

Andy Nishida

Richard Noorigian

Darryl & Sigrid Novak

Jonathan O'Donnell

M Papper

Nolan Peacock

Al Pomerantz

Ricky Riccardi

Ray Richards

Scott Ricketts

Molly Ringwald


Maria Rost

Erik Ruud

Richard Ryan

Ed Salvas

Tom Salvas

Paul Santino

Rochelle & Jesse Shereff

Peter Szego

Christopher Six

Frank Sole

Alanna Stone

Jeff Umbro

Brad Verebay

Bill & Joan Vogel

John Wagner

Sarah Wight

Individual  2016 Sponsors

Bill Hoffman                            John S. O'Shea                     Neal Siegal

Torpedo Bags

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